Consultants – Uncover 6 Practical Secrets to Help Your Consultants Deliver Great Results

This article is for those people who are running their own consulting firm and who are looking for ways on how they can encourage their consultants to perform highly (better serve their clients).

1. Trainings and seminars. You will need to invest your precious dimes on seminars and trainings to help your consultants improve their skills. Get trainings that can help these people develop or enhance their communication, people, teaching, and research skills. Believe me when I say that this will benefit your consulting firm as you’ll be able to provide the best service to your clients.

2. Talk to your consultants on a regular basis. You need to make these people feel that you do value their thoughts and ideas. Conduct regular one-on-one meetings where your consultants can easily spill out what’s on their mind. They may have great ideas on how to improve the current processes or they may have complaints over their working hours. These people will surely be thrilled if they know that their contributions and their suggestions are being taken seriously.

3. Observe. Watch your consultants in action or solicit feedback from your clients to know their areas of opportunities. This is very important so you can help your people identify their weaknesses and later on, convert these weaknesses to strengths.

4. Praise your consultants. Make your people feel that their contributions will not go unnoticed. Give them a pat on the back or reward them each time they do something spectacular like winning a big account. Set up an employee reward program where performers will be acknowledged and rewarded for their hard work. This can surely push your people to do better and better in the future.

5. Team building. All work and no play can make your consultants dull. At least once a month, host a party or take your team out of town so they can have some fun. Research shows that team building activities are some of the factors why employees are not leaving their current job. So, if you want to keep your people, give them some time for play once in a while.

6. Let go of non-performers. If you have done your best and yet other consultants are still not doing their job right, it could be high time to let them go. It would be better to hire new, aggressive consultants than lose the business of your clients by keeping those people who do not care about their job.

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